Giving Customers what they want: David Obadia of Harmony

Giving Customers what they want: David Obadia of Harmony


We may pass violets looking for roses.
We may pass contentment looking for victory.

Bernard Williams


The chase.  It seems like nothing is ever enough.  It is always interesting to me how brand owners/designers are always starting new brands.  I write this on the wings of the news that David Obadia of Brooklyn We go Hard  (BWGH) announcing that he is beginning another brand called Harmony.  Brooklyn we go Hard doesn’t even seem that old yet.  BWGH came on the scene in 2010 and took the streetwear startup fashion scene by storm.  Their flagship item their “Brooklyn Parle Francais” sweater.  They collaborated with everyone on that sweatshirt and it spread the word of the brand wide and far.

So why does David want to start a new brand?  Is it because first brand isn’t doing as well anymore?  David listed the reason he is making the new brand as this brand being what he really wants to wear.


Hypebeast Q: “How would you describe the approach to style with Harmony?”

David Obadia A: “It is something very personal, it is first and foremost what I wear and what I would see my fiancee wear daily.”


This makes me wonder?  So what is Brooklyn We Go Hard?  I feel jealous.  Like my parents just told me that they like my brother more than me.  I feel like you can’t say something like that.  Doesn’t it invalidate your other work?  I almost feel like I shouldn’t like BWGH.  Like, “What’s the point? He doesn’t even like this stuff.”

Does your brand end up owning you?  I guess when you start a brand and it works you are kind of stuck in that aesthetic.  If your customers responded tho that category of product you have to keep making it.  You have to keep giving them what they want.  Do you get trapped?  Do designers get immobilized by their own success.  They have to stay within a certain style because it sells even when it doesn’t necessarily excite them, or push them anymore.  They have to keep to that consistency even when their tastes evolve to something else.  If your a band it’s your one hit wonder.  That thing that everyone keeps going back to even though it only defined a particular period for you, you have to give them what they want.


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