The New Look

The website has been updated! The site is here beaming before you like your girlfriend with a fresh new hair color, “Do you like it?” You only have one answer. The answer is yes, and I hope you mean it. I decided to update our web platform to be more smooth and interactive. The change took a little over 3 months to work out all the kinks and make sure that the site was ready. I made the decision at the end of July while in a snore filled, darkened hotel room in Vegas. I was awake at 7am on a Sunday before the entire city I’m sure. Most definitely before everyone else in my room. Peering at my widescreen laptop that was only half cracked. Maybe I should have waited till I had awoken completely to make such decisions. The rest of the room certainly wished I had waited as they were all awoken by the 17″ spotlight that I call my laptop. There are many changes. The site is updated with a spot to show all of the stores that stock the brand and a section to put the press that we have received. I hope you enjoyed the little slideshow when you entered I feel it is a nice welcome. It is also much easier to add comments to my blog posts to make things more interactive. I made all these changes but kept with the theme of simplicity, the pattern that is woven into every component of the brand. And to celebrate the change I’m having a week long sale. 30% off when you type in the code “Forza” as in Forza Vaughn. Welcome to the new

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  1. […] Mario-inspired shirt today. Is he fighting the power? Is Mario the 99%? Vaughn de Heart have got a new look website and to celebrate they’re offering 30% off from now until November 6th with the coupon code […]

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